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Term of Use


1.1 The word ‘agreement’ is used here to refer to our terms and conditions.

1.2 The word ‘company’ is used to refer to our company which provides you with academic writing services.

1.3 ‘Customer’ is a person who orders for our services and agrees to our term of use.

1.4 They word ‘order’are used to refer to the product that has been submitted by the customer. This order defines the requirements of the product.

1.5 Product is used to refer to the electronic document. It can be a paper, essay or an academic writing that has been completed and delivered to the customer.

1.6 A writer is an employee of our company who is responsible for providing writing services to our customers.

1.7 Order status is the progress of the order that is to be completed.

1.8 Product revision the request submitted by the customer for editing the final product.

1.9 Quality assurance department is the sector in our company that is responsible for evaluating the quality of the services that we provide.

1.10 Support team is also another sector which is responsible for coordinating the order process. This sector is ensures that the customer get the best service.

1.11 Messaging system stands for the software which is enables efficient messaging between the customer and the writer.

1.12 Verification process refers to the confirmation of billing identity to prevent any sort of fraud.

1.13 Store credit stands for the money of the customer account on our website.

Privacy policy

2.1 We value our customer’s privacy and your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties. We make sure that your credit card data is secure by using a secure online payment. However, we will not be liable if there is any disclosure that is not our fault.

2.2 Your home address, email, phone number and name which you use to fill your order form are used for verification purposes only. Any document that has been used for verification is always deleted after the process is over.

2.3 To ensure that your personal information is kept confidential, we do not allow you to communicate directly with the writer.The company has in place a support team which is available 24/7.

2.4 Once the order has been paid for, the order description is given to the assigned writer to start work. We advise against providing personal and billing information when placing an order. We will not be responsible in case you share your information.

Product description

3.1 We provide our customers with writing services that is done by professional writers. The product is to be used solely for reference purposes. The company will not be responsible if the document is used wrongly.

3.2 The Company also has the intellectual rights on the product and the customer can use the product for a limited period of 6 months after which the company will take back that right.

Order process

4.1 When you place an order, you have to provide your home phone number and email address so that you can be reached with regards to preparing the order. Not providing this information may lead to delay in completing the order and the customer can also lose claim.

The writer will not start with the order until the customer has paid the full amount of the service. The customer has to fill the order form with a lot of care because if there is a delay as a result of the customer not paying on time, then the company will not be responsible. The company provides customers with special offers and discounts but these cannot be used at the same time.The discount is usually given with regards to the number of questions in the order.

4.2 The customer is responsible to ensure that the instruction is clear to enable the writer work as required. The company will not respond to a guarantee in case the customer does not provide instructions that are clear.it is advisable that the customer requests for revision based on the initial description. However, in case of changes in the initial instructions, the customer is required to place an order for editing. The customer is advised to provide all the needed instructions to enable the writer proceed with the work.

4.3 to complete the order, the writer can make use of journals, publications and online publications unless the customer has different instructions. In case there are sources need to complete the order, then the customer has to provide additional sources. The customer has to provide these materials by following schedule:

If the orders have an urgency of 12 hours to 48 hours, then the materials have to be provided within the first hour.

If they order has an urgency of 48 hours to 10 days, then the materials have to be submitted within 8 hours.

If the urgency is less than 12 hours then the materials have to be submitted within 20 minutes.

Not following this schedule will result in loss of claim.

4.4 It is the responsibility of the customer to choose the academic level that is in line with the requirements of the order in case of any accident, then the customer is advised to contact support team.

Delivery policy

5.1 The priority of the company is the customer’s satisfaction. The customer is responsible to provide contact details and contact the customer support in case of any issues. The company ensures that its software is up to date so as to fulfill the customers writing needs. However, if the problems are as a result of internet connection or spam filters then the company will not be liable.

5.2 In case the company was able to submit the work within deadline and the customer is not able to download it, then the company will not be liable. The company will send a bill to the customer to pay the writer for the services offered. The customer is expected to provide the payment on time to avoid any inconveniences that may occur.